How to Get anyone's ip address with a Image

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How to Get anyone's ip address with a Image

Post  st@4sc43@m on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:59 pm

Step 1 :-

Find a free web host we can use and there are a lot out there
and a register a free account there

Step 2 :-

Make a new dir
Example :

Step 3 :-

Create a new file named


Step 4 :-

Put this code inside .htaccess
Code :
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^image.gif$ iplogger.php

Where it says: image.gif

You can change it to where you`ve uploaded your image, it doesn`t matter what image and it can be in any image type such as: gif, jpeg, png, etc.

Where it says: ipgrabber.php

That is the PHP file that will have the Ip logging code, whatever you want to name it.

Step 5 : -

Create an empty ipgrabber.php file (or whatever you named it)

And put in this code:


$log = 'logger.html';
$page = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
$refer = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];
$date_time = date("l j F Y  g:ia", time() - date("Z")) ;
$fp = fopen("logger.html", "a");
fputs($fp, "
<b>$date_time</b> <br> <b>IP: </b>$ip<br><b>Page: </b>$page<br><b>Refer: </b>$refer<br><b>Useragent:

</b>$agent <br><br>
flock($fp, 3);

Then create a empty html file called logger.html

Step 6:-

Upload your image.gif file (or whatever you named it)

if you haven`t already

Step 7 :-

Go to a forum or wherever you would like

And insert the image using:

[Image: image.gif]

You can insert this in:

- Pm`s
- Posts & Threads
- Signatures
- Avatars
-And anything else that allows external linking of images.

If you would like to insert your image using HTML where is allowed then use this code:

<IMG SRC="">

Step 8 :-

Check your:

For all your IP logs including where they came from.

How it WORKS:

When the web tries to access the Image that is in the directory with the .htaccess file.

The image.gif displays iplogger.php

Because you told it to do so.

It is called mod_rewriting and is very useful.

This tricks the forum or whatever site your using it on to display the re-written url.


If you would like to display an image at the same time while logging their ip, then you can by inserting the img src code into the php file.


Thats it!

Hope you`ve enjoyed this tutorial that I wrote.


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