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Hello all members of Hackerschool! I hope to create this thread in hope for all members new and old to see and increase their knowledge about Hackerschool. Please follow the index set up to not only organize the post but to help spread this knowledge with ease. To all new members, welcome to Hackerschool and enjoy your stay.

What is Hackerschool is a site Owned and run by admin which started in 2011 as seen by the owners registration date. It was merged from older databases of past forums. The site itself is ran on a open source forum software called MyBB and by definition located at their wiki, it is a free and open source, easy to use, PHP powered forum software. it is multilingual, extremely customizable, and is constantly being developed.
This goes hand in hand when it comes to the definition of Hackforums. A site that is constantly growing and being developed as a computer and online affairs related forum. With a vast variety of topics and a growing community of members, the average user will have a lot to discuss on this site.

The first thing any member should do is to look at the Help Documents and post an Introduction. This section is used to introduce new members to already existing members of the forum. It's a great way to get to know other members but please read the description of the forum. If you want to spill the beans about your personal life this is the place to do it. One thread per member please.

Greeted by a Private Message from Omni welcoming you to the site you might be lost at what to do. Here it is time to update your profile and customize your online portfolio. The UserCP (User Control Panel) is a portal shell that lets you quickly edit your profile along with your options for Hackforums. The UserCP can be listed into two groups, a group for editing your profile versus a group for checking your private messages.

User Profile
You can see your profile that is visible to others at your Profile Page. The current Editable parts of a profile is your signature, avatar, user title, and status.
Avatar: Avatars are scaled to 120x150 px and can be used and or uploaded through the Avatar Management Page Please note that only Upgraded members may upload an avatar.
Signature: You signature is to be set at a max dimension of 650x200 px and no bigger then 500k. To edit your signature you may do so from your signature page. Note that you need (50) posts to use your signature.
Usertitle and Status: Along with the rest of your settings you may find how to edit and replace your current user title, which is the part under your name stating a smaller sub sentence as a motto, by viewing your Profile Options page. Note that only upgraded members can change their user title and so the post ranking comes into effect, automatically assigning a user a user title as their post count increases.

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